Press Clipping
globalFEST stops in Fort Collins

During the last decade, globalFEST has evolved from a music showcase at festivals like South by Southwest and Bonnaroo, to a nonprofit organization and now, on to a touring show.

Their touring “Creole carnival” will hit The Lincoln Center stage in Fort Collins, Colorado, on March 30.

Three artists – Brushy One-String, Casuarina and Emeline Michel– from three countries will perform at the event.

Brushy One-String is a solo reggae and blues artist from Jamica that performs with a one-string guitar. He was recently featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.

Casuarina is a samba Brazilian band that has been performing for around 15 years.

Michel is a Haitian singer, known for her mix of traditional Caribbean beats with jazz and pop music.

Michel said touring with the festival has been a “wonderful experience.” She feels the show is a good opportunity to expose people to other cultures and music.

“I find this is an amazing way to travel: under the umbrella of music,” she said. “It captures our differences and what brings us together.”

She said the show has been a great way to bring people together. Even the artists are able to come together and show their audience what their homes stand for.

Holding the show in late winter and early spring is perfect timing, in Michel’s opinion.

“I’m a firm believer that spring is expression,” she said. “It’s a good excuse to have everybody in the theater in a more festive mode and forgetting everything going on.”